Phenom XL SEM

Phenom XL SEM imaging large or multiple samplesThe Phenom XL scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a large sample chamber pushes the boundaries of desktop SEM performance. It features the proven ease of use and fast time-to-image of the Phenom series. The Phenom XL SEM is also equipped with a chamber that allows analysis of samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm. 

For example, a 36 sample array streamlines workflow with the Phenom XL SEM. All samples can be accessed with the integrated motorized stage.  The Phenom can also be pre-programmed to move to each location and take pre-defined magnification images.

  • Fastest vent/load cycle for high throughput
  • Compact motorized stage to scan full sample area
  • Color optical camera for single-click navigation
  • Charge reduction mode reduces need to coat samples
  • Elemental analysis with EDS option
  • Secondary electron detector option
  • Small footprint
  • No infrastructure needed

Motorized Scan Area Option

The Phenom XL SEM has a scan area of 50 mm x 50 mm as standard. Optionally, the motorized scan area can be upgraded to 100 mm x 100 mm. This upgrade option for the Phenom XL provides a scan area that is 8x larger than comparable systems.

  • Standard scan area 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Accommodates 6x6 array of 12 mm pin stubs
  • Upgrade option to 100 mm x 100 mm

 Loading samples for a Phenom XL scanning electron microscope

Load multiple samples in a Phenom XL scanning electron microscope

EDS Options

Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) can be added to analyze the elemental composition of samples. This option is seamlessly integrated with the Phenom XL SEM. The CeB6 electron source in the Phenom is used to generate the highest X-ray count rate in its market segment, allowing fast results.

Elemental Mapping & Line Scan

The mapping function is an option within the EDS software package. Elemental mapping reveals the distribution of elements within the sample. Here the user-selected elements can be mapped at a user-specified pixel resolution and acquisition time. The real-time mapping algorithm shows live build-up of the selected element maps while storing spectra of each pixel. This allows elements to be added or removed at any time during or after the mapping process. 

SED Option

An integrated secondary electron detector (SED) is an option for the Phenom XL SEM. The SED collects low-energy electrons from the top surface layer of the sample and reveals detailed sample surface information. The SED can be of use for applications where topography and morphology are important, as is often the case when studying microstructures, nanostructures or particles.

Phenom XL Software
Phenom XL Software

Options for fiber and particle analysis, 3D reconstruction, elemental mapping and more

Phenom XL Accessories
Phenom XL Accessories

Sample holders and inserts

Phenom XL Specifications
Phenom XL Specifications

Specifications for the Phenom XL SEM for large samples


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