Phenom Specifications


 All Phenom SEM systems include these integrated features:

  • Optical imaging and navigation systems
    • Motor driven focus
    • Telecentric optics 
    • Neverlost navigation uses optical image to navigate during SEM imaging
    • Camera and automated, X-Y motorized stage integrate to allow easy sample positioning and location by simply clicking the optical image of the sample
  • High performance, trouble-free electron source
    • 1,500+ hr life source (CeB6 - Cerium Hexaboride)
    • No cleanings required between source changes
    • High brightness – 10x brighter than tungsten filament source

Summary of Phenom SEM Specifications


  Pure Pure+ Pro ProX
Light Optical  20x 20x 20-135x 20-135x
Electron Magnification   70-30,000x 80-65,000x 80-150,000x 80-150,000x
Resolution  Better than 30 nm   Better than 25 nm   Better than 10 nm   Better than 10 nm  
Acceleration Voltage  5 kV 5 kV, 10 kV 5 - 10 kV 5 - 15 kV
Upgrade options To Pure+, Pro or ProX   Upgrade to Pro or ProX  Upgrade to ProX  
Detector(s)* BSD BSD BSD BSD and EDS

* Backscattered electron detector (BSD) is standard on all Phenom SEMs. ProX includes an integrated EDS detector for elemental analysis.