Tensile Testing

High precision tensile testing


Tensile Testers

High Precision Tensile Testing

Tensile tests are widely favored experiments to measure the stiffness, yield strength and fracture strength in materials. However, the small dimensions reaching 1 µm in diameter in fibers presents a significant challenge to their testing.

The high load resolution of T150 and in-situ capabilities of in-SEM tensile tester offers a great solution to characterize soft fibers and wires. The properties measured via tensile testing are crucial to understand the efficiency of the manufacturing process as well as to provide small scale data needed to understand their function in their respective large scale applications.
For example, tensile testing data helps mimic key mechanobiological and biochemical features of the native extracellular matrix during tissue engineering. It also helps basic material science research to mimic ultra-strong natural fibers such as silk and spider web showing multiple orders higher specific strength than steel.


  • Static analysis for fiber modulus and fracture properties
  • Dynamic analysis for storage and loss modulus in polymer fibers
  • In-situ tensile testing video observation to understand evolution of fracture

Image of the KLA-Tencor T150 Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine T150

Universal Testing Machine that provides dynamic characterization of mechanical properties for new product development and research.

Image of the Phenom XL Tensile Testing Sample Holder

Tensile Sample Holder for Phenom XL SEM

Watch materials fail in real time at very high magnification. The only in-situ tensile stage for a desktop SEM platform.