The Phenom XL Desktop SEM: A Paradigm Shift for Geology Research – Webinar

November 5, 2018 | News Type: Technology:

The Phenom XL Desktop SEM combines the largest stage and the best EDS performance available on a desktop platform so you can bring SEM into your own lab. The webinar covers the following features of this instrument:

  • Automatic image stitching for creating high resolution images of large areas
  • Fast EDS mapping with exceptional quantification
  • Performance advantages of the high-brightness, long-lifetime Cerium Hexaboride source
  • Mineral-specific image colorization using the high-sensitivity backscattered electron detector (BSD)
  • Premium image acquisition and resolution at the fraction of the cost

Dr. David MarchandPresenter: Dr. David Marchand
Applications Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.