Society for Biomaterials 2023: San Diego, CA

Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting & Exposition

“Riding the Translational Waves to the Future”

Find us at the expo to explore our solutions for biomaterials applications, which encompass nanomaterial fabrication technologies and various material characterization tools that support the development of biomaterials as well as their translation into commercially available treatments, therapies, and medical devices.

Stop by Booth #405 during the expo to test drive our instruments that enable the fabrication and characterization of nanofiber and nanoparticle materials for tissue engineering, wound treatment patches, medical devices, drug delivery systems, and more!

Expo Hours

April 19th – 21st:
: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Thursday: 10am – 1pm | 2:30pm – 7:15pm
Friday: 9:30am – 1:30pm | 3:30pm – 5:30pm


Booth #405

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina 
1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA

Fabricate electrospun tissue scaffolds, coat medical devices, optimize encapsulated drug delivery systems, and scale up production from proof-of-concept to industrial scale
Use automated SEM (scanning electron microscopy) imaging & elemental composition analysis (EDS) for characterization of beam-sensitive biomaterials and nanoparticles
Analyze wettability and cleanliness of surfaces using tensiometry to investigate the biocompatibility of biomaterials, medical devices, and other biomedical implants
Monitor surface interactions and biomolecular processes in situ using QCM-D with a vast assortment of surface material options, including custom sensor surfaces
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