Accelerated Analysis of Fibers and Fabrics

September 19, 2019 in Online | News Type: Technology:

What would you learn about your fibers if you could magnify them by 100,000x? Whether you need to know the size and composition of particles captured by a filter, the exact size distribution of fibers in a woven textile, or the orientation of your non-wovens, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) offers the ability to understand fiber materials in a way that no other technique can offer. Join Dr. David Marchand for a free webinar.

Phenom Desktop SEM – Fast Analysis of Fibers, Fabrics, and Filters

The webinar will introduce the Phenom Desktop SEM, the world’s best-selling electron microscope. The Phenom brings a paradigm shift in electron microscopy: fastest, easiest-to-use so user can get actionable data immediately.

Highlights include:

  • High quality imaging up to 100,000x magnification on a desktop platform
  • Elemental analysis via EDS
  • Automated fiber identification and sizing program

The webinar will also include some interesting, real-world application examples from consumer products. We will reverse-engineer an athletic t-shirt, analyze a used air filter, and run quality control on a non-woven fabric.

The Phenom Desktop SEM: The World’s Best Selling SEM

Accelerate Your Analysis of Fibers and Fabrics

David Marchand Presenter: David Marchand, PhD
Application Scientist