Used & Demo Phenom Desktop SEM Systems

For sale! The used and demo systems span several generations of past Phenoms, yet have been thoroughly refurbished, completely re-certified to satisfy factory specifications and criteria. And although there are several models of Phenom desktop SEMs, they share many essential and defining characteristics. Chief among these commonalities are the color optical navigation camera, charge reduction mode, and vacuum options; additionally, they share all kinds of detectors:

Integrated Phenom SEM Detectors

  • Backscattered electron detector (BSD) — captures intense contrast. Standard.
  • Secondary electron detector (SED) — highlights topographical features. Optional.
  • Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) — maps elemental composition. Optional.

High image quality remains a vital core aspect of the Phenom SEMs, a consistency achieved with thermionic emission bright crystal sources of cerium hexaboride (CeB6). In substitution of standard tungsten sources of floor-models or other tabletops, the crystal in each Phenom provides over 1500 hours of active operating time to users and highlights striking contrast in each specimen placed upon the motorized XY sample stage. However, the Pharos operates with a FEG (field emission gun) rather than CeB6 to reach magnifications well below tens of nanometers.

Because accessibility and ease-of-use are universal experiences with each Phenom desktop SEM, laboratories worldwide benefit from the high throughput offered by these instruments. Described below are each of the types of used & demo systems available. Please inquire using the contact form to start the process and soon experience the impressive features of Phenom for yourself!

The Phenom XL has the largest sample stage with a capacity for 36 sample stubs — the 100 x 100 mm stage has a 40 mm vertical adjustment range to accommodate all 36 stubs, bulkier and larger samples, or any combination thereof. Auto-scan scripts have the flexibility to scan particular zones and repeatedly acquire images, and users have the choice to leverage scripting capabilities to enhance automation to higher levels.

Low kV accelerating voltages for sensitive specimens, impressive magnification, and spectacular resolution are what the Pharos handles best. Equipped with a FEG tungsten-based Schottky electron source, the Phenom Pharos retains the small desktop footprint that defines Phenoms while also boasting ultra-high resolution any other system would fail to replicate.

Are you seeking more of an entry-level SEM? The Phenom Pure shares a number of commonalities with the XL in terms of source and all detectors, but rather implements a single pin stub (25 mm diameter) into its sample chamber; and its accelerating voltages are preset to either 5 kV or 10 kV. The Pure is a straightforward SEM imaging solution ideal for teaching environments and basic R&D applications.

The Pro (and ProX) model is an advancement of the Pure in the sense that the accelerating voltage range extends from anywhere between 5 kV to 20 kV. Similar to the Pure and Pharos, the sample size is contained in a single pin stub. Consider the Phenom Pro/ProX to be an all-in-one desktop SEM solution!

Phenom Desktop SEM Model Specifications

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