Webinar – EQCM-D Analysis in Battery Development

November 1, 2022 | News Type: Technology: , ,

Webinar Details:

Tuesday, November 1st
9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern

Perhaps you are already using QCM-D, or EQCM-D, in related research areas, or perhaps you are working with battery development, using traditional characterization methods. Either way, this webinar will cover the information that you are looking for.

Battery systems are complex, and several different technol­ogies are often needed to elucidate the intricate electrochemical phenomena involved. In this webinar, we take a closer look at EQCM – a highly sensitive and non-invasive analysis method that has helped answer battery-related research questions for decades.

EQCM provides time-resolved electro­chemical and gravimetric information about bulk and at the surface of battery electrodes. The extended version, EQCM-D, will in addition provide mechanical infor­mation which reveals structural changes of the electrode interface. The technologies can be used for in-situ characterization of key mechanisms involved in battery cycling and provide unique information that will help you take battery performance to the next level.

You will be listening to a leading researcher in the field. In this webinar, you will get

  • An overview of how EQCM and EQCM-D are used in battery development and what information these technologies provide
  • Examples of battery processes/events that can be analyzed and what insight can be gained through nanoscale analysis of the elec­trode-electrolyte interface
  • An introduction to QSense EQCM-D
  • A deep dive into the development of EQCM-D to study electrode/electrolyte interphases in Li-ion batteries
  • Q&A


Erik Nilebäck

Senior Application Scientist

Biolin Scientific