Webinar: Electrospinning for Energy Conversion Applications

June 28, 2022 | News Type: Technology: ,

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Fluidnatek Electrospinning and Electrospraying Systems

Did you know that fuel cell components can be generated via the electrospinning technique?

Electrospinning energy conversion materials unlocks new micro and macro structures which cannot be achieved using traditional fabrication methods.

During this webinar presented by our sister company, Nanoscience Analytical, we will discuss how this technology enables the production of unique architectures for tuning the performance of hydrogen/air fuel cells.

A schematic of a fuel cell that details the oxidation and reduction processes.


Krysta Waldrop, Ph.D.

Materials Scientist II

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These materials include proton exchange membranes which exhibit good mechanical properties without sacrificing ionic conductivity, electrode catalyst layers with high power outputs and durability, and gas diffusion layers with improved water management properties.

We will discuss not only how electrospinning can improve fuel cell performance, but also how the instrumentation and staff at Nanoscience Analytical can help in the development and scale-up for your energy conversion/storage materials.

Single Emitter Electrospinning

Dual Emitter Electrospinning

A basic electrospinning setup uses only the core components and a single emitter.
Dual-electrospinning is a process that puts two emitters to work. Normal parameters are able to be set independently.


Please contact us with any questions regarding this webinar or the Fluidnatek Electrospinning/Electrospraying nanomaterial fabrication systems.

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