New Attension Theta Flex Contact Angle and Surface Tension Instrument Webinar

May 8, 2019 in On Demand | News Type: Technology:

Join Biolin Scientific and Nanoscience Instruments for an introduction to the newest instrumentation for contact angle and surface tension measurements.

Learn about the new features of the Attension Theta Flex, the theory and background behind surface/interfacial tension, contact angle and surface free energy measurements and the practical experimental considerations necessary to keep in mind for easy to interpret data.

New Unique Theta Flex Hardware Features:

  • Status indicator
  • Robust all metal frame
  • Larger LED light source for sharper drop silhouettes
  • Camera tilt
  • Sample clips and scale
  • Improved camera optics

New Software Features:
  • Completely redesigned OneAttension software with automated features
  • Dynamic (advancing and receding) contact angle
  • Liquid purity check

See real-life example videos of surface tension, sessile drop, dynamic contact angle, and surface free energy measurements taken with the Theta Flex.

Date: May 8, 2019
Time: 12 – 1PM (Eastern)
Jyrki Korpel
Jyrki Korpela
Biolin Scientific Global Product Manager Attension Theta Flex

Greg Wills
Greg Wills
Nanoscience Instruments Product Manager Attension Theta Flex