Webinar – Observing the Dynamics of Electrochemically Active Matter With Liquid Electron Microscopy

April 13, 2023 | News Type: Technology:

Webinar Details:

April 13, 2023
10am PST / 1pm EST

Electrochemical Liquid Electron Microscopy enables the direct observation of nanomaterial dynamics under the application of an electric potential. This method has resulted in an unprecedented increase in our understanding of electrochemical materials. However, this has largely been applied to the study of inorganic materials and there are no examples studying active matter. Here we study the dynamics of active matter using Electrochemical Liquid Electron Microscopy. Careful beam-sample interaction studies are performed to decouple the electron beam effects from the electrical potential effects. The data shows that active material dynamics at the nanoscale are influenced by both the spatial location and intensity of the energy input as well as the input history and local sample structure and chemistry.

Presented By:

Joe Patterson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UC Irvine