Nanoparticle Generation

Nanoparticle synthesis at the push of a button.


Nanoparticle Generation

VS Particle Nanoparticle Generator

Nanoparticle Generation Made Simply and Easily

Utilizing spark ablation technology, VSParticle tools are designed to help you easily generate nanoparticles and deposit them in a variety of methods. This table-top, easy-to-use nanoparticle generator enables you to generate clusters and particles at atomospheric pressure and room temperature.

  • Fully automated process at the push of a button
  • No labor intensive maintenance by users
  • Easily switch electrodes
  • User friendly

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Nanoparticle generation at a touch of a button

sub 20nm particles

Very small particles(<1-20nm)

Stable nanoparticle generationStable & Reproducible

All (semi)-condutive materials, alloy/non-alloy

Clean process nanoparticles

Clean process: no surfactants or precursors




Easily switch & Mix Materials

  • Base materials, exotic materials & alloys
  • All solid conductive & semi-conductive materials
  • Easy plug & play system
  • Switch electrodes and reproduce in a matter of minutes
VS Particle Deposition Accessories

VSP-A Deposition Accessories

Easy and quick sample preparation
Material Versitlity

Material Versatility

Use any kind of solid conductive or semi-conductive material for your nanoparticles with argon, nitrogen or air as a carrier gas. The VSP-G1 uses two electrodes as base material to generate sub 20 nm particles.

Material versatility is key to prepare model catalyst samples, VSParticle’s technology enables you to change the material easily and fast. thanks to the use of electrodes. This allows the creation of particles of bi-metals, nano-alloys or materials that are immiscible in bulk state. Source material is supplied in the form of electrodes. The electrodes work with a click system, making it easy and quick to switch materials.