Nanoparticle Generation

Nanoparticle synthesis at the push of a button.


Nanoparticle Generation

VSParticle Nanoparticle Generation System

Nanoparticle Generation at the Push of a Button

The VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator, from VSParticle, provides a platform for generating contaminant-free, size-tuned nanoparticles in a controlled and repeatable way. Utilizing spark ablation technology, nanoparticles are produced in the gas-phase under ambient temperature and pressure via a purely physical process free of solvents. Nanoparticles can be produced from any conductive or semiconductive material. Simply by flowing in a small amount of oxygen, oxide particle can also be generated

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Why VSParticle?

sub 20nm particles

Very small particles(<1-20nm)

Stable nanoparticle generation

Stable & Reproducible

All (semi)-condutive materials, alloy/non-alloy

Clean process nanoparticles

Clean process: no surfactants or precursors

Working Principle: Spark Ablation

Spark ablation is a remarkably simple process. The technology was first reported in 1988 by VSParticle’s co-founder, Andres Schmidt-Ott, and has gained significant interest within multiple fields of nanotechnology since.

The only inputs needed to produce a continuous aerosol using spark ablation are electricity, an inert carrier gas, and a pair of (semi)conductive electrodes. A high voltage is applied across the electrode gap to ablate the electrode material(s). The stream of inert gas carries ablated material from the electrode surface to downstream modules, where the particles can either be collected on various substrates, directly flown into measurement systems (e.g. DMA) or coupled to a printer for directed deposition.

Producing nanoparticles with spark ablation

Typical Applications

  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Model catalyst development
  • Photocatalysis
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Green hydrogen production
  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) chip fabrication
  • MOx sensors
  • Toxicology

Enabling Pioneers in
Catalysis Research

Accelerating Material Discovery with
VSParticle Technology

Product Portfolio

VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator

Benchtop nanoparticle production for <1 – 20 nm pure (metal, metal oxide, alloy) particles of any (semi)conductive material.

  • Push-button operation
  • Reproducible
  • Change electrodes within minutes
  • Compatible with VSP-A Series and VSP-S1 Size Selector accessories

VSP-P1 NanoPrinter

Standalone tool for controlled printing of nanostructured layers. The ultimate prototyping and R&D platform for material development and small-scale production testing.

  • Full automation
  • 15 x 15 cm max printable area
  • Position accuracy: 10 µm
  • Spot size: 100 µm – 1 cm
  • Touchscreen or remote-controlled interface
VSParticle VSP-P1 NanoPrinter