Our People

Who is Nanoscience Instruments?

We are a hard-working, dedicated team with roots in science, engineering, instrumentation and application development. Our account managers and  applications team work closely together to support our future customers with advice in instrumentation selection, installation, training, and service. We are  passionate about solutions and helping you with break-through innovations.

We combine our expertise in instrumentation for microscopy and surface science investigations with real-world solutions. Our goals are to partner with the most innovative instrument manufacturers and to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems around the world.

We are committed to your success.

Mark Flowers

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Kossek, PhD

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Tom Powers

Sales Director SEM Business – PA Office

Matt Jobbins, PhD

Account Manager SEM Business – MA Office

Jining Xie, PhD

Account Manager SEM Business – VA Office

Steve Nagy

Account Manager SEM Business – MN Office

Drew Robertson

Account Manager SEM Business – TX Office

Greg Wills

Account Manager – Biolin Business East

Matthew Dixon, PhD

Account Manager – Biolin Business West

Chad M Tabatt

TEM Products, Business Development Manager

Kris Howard

Sales Team Support – AZ Office

Mary Willis

Sales Team Support – AZ Office


Ben Abraham

Application Scientist
Product Manager SEM – VA Office

David Marchand, PhD

Applications Scientist – VA Office

Archana Jaiswal, PhD

QSense Product Manager/
NMI Business Unit Applications Manager
– VA Office

Arnold Luk, PhD

Senior Applications Scientist
Boston Office

Nick Moore

Applications Scientist & Service Engineer – VA Office

Francisco Chaparro, PhD

Applications Scientist
Product Manager Electrospinning – AZ Office

Zachary Gray, PhD

Applications Scientist
– AZ Office

Devendra Verma, PhD

Applications Scientist
Product Manager Nanoindentation and Ion Mill – AZ Office

Andrew White, PhD

Applications Scientist
QCM-D, Tensiometry and Thin Films – AZ Office

Operations & Service

Scott Foust

Director of Operations and Service

Lori Greenawalt

Operations Manager

Joseph Calhoun

Operations Assistant

Kevin Durkin

Service Coordinator

Imar Uriostegui

Service Engineer

Kevin Mandzuk

Service Engineer

Jacob Jelinski

Service Engineer

Amiee Thompson

Quality Assurance Manager & Applications Scientist