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Attension® Theta Flow

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Contact Angle Measurement for Monitoring Surface Cleanliness

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Attension® Theta Optical Tensiometers

Attension® Theta Flow Tensiometer

Product Overview
The Theta Flow is a premium instrument for measuring contact angle, surface tension, surface free energy, dynamic contact angle, and more. With a focus on practical, everyday usage, Theta Flow adds a collection of features that automate or sense key instrument settings, thereby improving data quality and repeatability with minimal user effort.

Workflow Automation

Pre-program experiments with automated droplet placement to reduce user bias and leverage automatic data analysis for increased experimental throughput

Ultimate Accuracy/Traceability

Integrated sensors for temperature, camera tilt, ambient humidity, and instrument levelness allow data traceability across experiments

Highest Resolution Camera

5 Megapixel camera with auto-focus, highest framerate, and largest field-of-view for improved data quality

Advanced User Interface

Integrated touchscreen controls for liquid dispensing, stage positioning, and environmental parameter monitoring

Supported/Possible Measurements
  • Static contact angle
  • Dynamic contact angles
  • Surface free energy
  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Batch contact angle
  • Roughness corrected contact angle
  • Interfacial rheology (viscoelasticity)
  • High pressure and high temperature measurements

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Theta Flow

Product Features

The Theta Flow was designed with meticulous attention to detail and delivers a user-friendly experience while maintaining accuracy across experiments. Theta Flow’s design includes integrated sensors for commonly overlooked factors such as camera tilt angle, system levelness, temperature, and relative humidity which can all affect experimental reproducibility.

Theta Flow’s many high-end features work synergistically to ensure a faster workflow and consistently reproducible results—independent of day-to-day or operator-to-operator variation:

  • Touchscreen to control automated components using context-sensitive sliders, streamlining and ensuring consistency in experimental setup
  • Large 12 cm x 12 cm sample stage accommodates larger samples and allows for more measurements per sample
  • Powerful 5-Megapixel camera with software controlled autofocus delivers superior image definition and sharp contrast for accurate, user-independent contact angle measurements
Videos & Demos

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Product Accessories

The Theta Flow supports several plug-and-play modules for highly specialized applications, including:

The unique 3D Topography module takes wettability and adhesion analysis to a completely new level by measuring both contact angle and surface roughness of the sample in a single measurement.

The High Pressure Chamber is designed for wettability research within enhanced oil recovery and enables measurements at pressures up to 400 bars and temperatures up to 200°C.

A software controlled tilting cradle. Used for studying dynamic contact angles. Tilting range from 0 to 90° and tilting resolution 0.1°.

Software controlled drop size pulsing for interfacial rheology measurement of viscoelastic properties of interfacial layers at liquid-air or liquid-liquid interfaces.

Utilize automated picoliter-scale drop formation. Especially useful for inkjet applications and for measuring contact angle on very small sample areas.

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