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KSV NIMA Langmuir Trough

Biolin KSV NIMA Langmuir Trough

KSV NIMA Langmuir Troughs

Product Overview

KSV NIMA Langmuir Troughs are the ultimate tools for effective thin layer coatings and studies. Used for creating, modifying, and studying floating Langmuir films. The systems have been designed to be extremely versatile and robust to ensure high-quality results. Langmuir technology is a unique method for studying biomembranes and the effects to them in real time.

Wide Range of Sizes and Functions

Standard Langmuir Troughs are available in several sizes and can be configured depending on the area of research

Powerful Software

The KSV NIMA LB software integrates all controls and data analysis into the same software, including various characterization tools

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See Available Configurations

Langmuir Trough Configurations & Modules

KSV NIMA offers a wide selection of Langmiur Troughs with various sizes and functionalities. Our Langmuir systems are fully modular, and one frame can be used for different sizes and types of trough tops.

KSVNIMA Langmuir Lite Trough

Langmuir Lite Trough

The premium quality of Langmuir-Blodgett Trough in value form. Entry level model for constrained budgets with the flexiblity to upgrade as needed with all the other KSV NIMA benefits!

KSV NIMA Liquid-Liquid

Liquid-Liquid Langmuir Troughs

Extends the capability of this instrument to use both liquid-liquid and air-liquid interfaces. The liquid-liquid interface is often used to study emulsion stability, properties of oil, and pharmaceutical research.

Microscopy Trough Small Upright

KSV NIMA Microscopy Trough

Combines the Langmuir trough with a microscope for additional characterization. This special Langmuir Trough features an upright or inverted microscopy window to study morphology, phase changes and adsorption. The window allows high optical transmission down to a wavelength of 200 nm (suitable for visible light or UV microscopy).



Langmuir Ribbon Barrier Trough

Ideal for studying lung surfactant (DPPC) and other applications where extremely high surface pressures are needed. The Langmuir Ribbon Barrier Trough enables the study of floating monolayers at high packing densities (e.g. > 70 mN/m for DPPC) by monolayer confinement. The PTFE-coated glass ribbon prevents any leakages that could occur under high pressure.

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