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Attension® Theta Lite

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Attension® Theta Optical Tensiometers

Attension® Theta Lite Tensiometer

Picture of an Attension Theta Lite system
Product Overview

Attension® Theta Lite is a compact and accurate optical tensiometer for contact angle, surface and interfacial tension, and surface free energy measurements. The Theta Lite is used in a variety of industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, foods, energy, paper, and packaging. Equipped with a manual sample stage and liquid dispenser, it is a convenient, entry-level instrument for routine measurements, educational use, and quality control.

Compact and Convenient

Compact tensiometer with plug-and-play accessories and smart features, such as dual dispensing for rapid surface free energy data

Powerful Software

Run sophisticated analysis algorithms using the same OneAttension software as the Theta Flow and Theta Flex tensiometers

Supported/Possible Measurements
  • Static contact angle
  • Needle-in dynamic contact angle
  • Tilting dynamic contact angle
  • Surface free energy
  • Interfacial Rheology
  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Batch contact angle

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Theta Lite

Product Features

The Attension Theta Lite optical tensiometer is uncomplicated, no adjustments needed, ready to perform measurements. Packed with smart features including an automatic disposable tip dispenser to eliminate the need to clean the dispenser between samples.

The camera on the Theta Lite optical tensiometer features a camera capable of capturing extremely fast wetting phenomena up to 2068 frames per second and performs exceptionally precise drop shape analyses with 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. Droplet volume is calculated from the real-time image with advanced machine vision to ensure the droplet volume is the same each time to minimize variation. The instrument comes with a manual sample stage and an automated or manual liquid dispenser, making it a convenient entry-level instrument for research, industrial processes and educational use.

  • Incredibly easy to use: Theta Lite is controlled with OneAttension software that has been designed for extreme user-friendliness.
  • Packed with smart features: The automatic disposable tip dispenser ensures you don’t need to worry about cleaning as droplets are created precisely using a disposable pipette tip. The droplet volume is calculated from the live image with advanced machine vision to ensure repeatability.
  • Powerful camera with software controlled autofocus: The Theta Lite camera captures the extremely fast wetting phenomena up to 2068 FPS and performs exceptionally precise drop shape analyses
Videos & Demos

Theta Lite demos

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Product Accessories

The Theta Lite supports several plug-and-play modules for highly specialized applications, including:

Heated Cuvette Chamber

Fluid bath cuvette chamber for interfacial tension studies for measurement of interfacial tension between two liquids by pendant/raising drop method. 

Requires water bath

Measuring Chamber

Measuring chamber, fluid bath heated, 110° C (C203W): Thermostatted fluid bath measuring chamber for air phase temperature control of substrate and drop.

Requires fluid bath

Tilting Stage

Tilting stage with manual tilting. Used for studying dynamic contact angles. Tilting range from 0 to 90°. Coarse and fine tilting movement.

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