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HE80 Potentiostat For Electrolysis

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Product Overview

The HE80 is a single-quadrant potentiostat with integrated, embedded EIS. It is a unipolar device capable of +0.5 to +20V, and 0 to +80A, and has been specifically designed for control of electrolyzers/hydrogen generation, for electrolysis, and with electrodeposition in mind.  The impedance frequency range is 10 µHz to 10 kHz.

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Product Features

Unique Solution

The HE80 is one of the only Potentiostat/Galvanostats on the market able to control your operating electrolyzer/ electrolysis system and measure impedance at the same time.  No need to connect an additional impedance device in parallel and experiments can be performed in potentiostat or galvanostat mode!  In addition with the optional StackAnalyzer, you can also measure the performance of multiple cells in a stack simultaneously, either current-voltage performance data or impedance.


The HE80 has impressive 18-bit resolution for current and voltage measurements.  Combined with premium hardware, this translates into high-accuracy results.  Signal acquisition rates are up to 300,000 samples per second. The bandwidth of the HE80 is greater than 5 kHz which allows for low impedance measurements at the limit.

EIS as Standard

Embedded electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is included as standard on the HE80 potentiostat.  The frequency range is 10 µHz to 10 kHz, suitable for low impedance measurements where cable and device induction becomes dominant.

Data Security

The HE80 can be used with a µDataSecure module (purchased separately) that can save up to 1 billion points independently from the computer. This ensures that if there is a communication loss or a computer crash/update, the measurement will continue, and data will not be lost. This provides peace of mind for long-duration, high-throughput testing.

The µDataSecure module also allows for remote access via a Local Area Network (LAN). This allows for multiple researchers to conduct experiments on the same instrument at the same time. A connection can also be made via a USB cable.

Versatility Through Software

IviumSoft software is a fully functioning dedicated electrochemistry software with a comprehensive suite of electrochemical experiments.  Additional features include a batchmode for creating an automated series of experiments, Cycliscan for battery testing protocols and MC mode for multiple parallel experiments.  Whether performing R&D or quality control, your needs are covered.  You have access to a full suite of standard electrochemical experiments like cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, and pulse techniques.



StackAnalyzer for Multiple Cells

The StackAnalyzer accessory can be paired with the HE80 to measure the performance of the individual cells in an electrolyzer stack.  In a stack of cells, the same current passes through all of them. The Stack Analyzer can measure the individual voltage profiles, yielding the current voltage data of the individual cells.  The measurements are simultaneous, giving multiple data sets for a single measurement.  Impedance measurements can also be performed.

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