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Phenom Argon-Compatible XL Desktop SEM

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Product Brochure
Phenom Desktop SEM

Phenom Argon-Compatible XL

Product Overview

The newest variation of the Phenom XL G2 desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) was designed to be used in argon-filled gloveboxes to study materials that require non-reactive environmental conditions to prevent sample degradation. The compact footprint, easy workflow, and automation capabilities of the system enable the completion of a full SEM workflow inside a glovebox while maintaining conditions that minimize the risk of sample degradation. From sample preparation and imaging to performing elemental analysis (EDS), users can maintain sample integrity and complete experiments faster without sacrificing performance.

The Phenom XL G2 has earned its reputation as an essential piece of equipment in labs around the world. Thanks to its robust Cerium Hexaboride (CeB6) electron source, easy workflow, and large sample stage, the Phenom XL delivers results faster—with minimal effort required.


Perform tedious and repetitive analyses with ease

100x100 mm2 Sample Stage

The largest of any desktop SEM

Superior Imaging

High brightness, long lifetime CeB6 source

Environmental Compatibility

Place in a dry room or glovebox

Phenom XL Features

The Phenom XL G2 desktop SEM features the largest sample stage of any desktop SEM and delivers intuitive, automated solutions that eliminate manual repetitive tasks. The large chamber enables innovative solutions such as motorized eucentric sample tilting, in situ tensile testing, and electrical feedthrough capabilities. Dry-room and argon compatibility is available for placing the SEM in inert environments and protecting sensitive samples.

Phenom Argon-compatible Glovebox workflow

The innovative design of the Phenoms provides a list of advantages over other desktop SEMs:

  • Fastest vent/load cycle for high throughput
  • Color optical camera for single-click navigation
  • Charge reduction mode reduces need to coat non-conductive samples
  • Fully integrated elemental analysis with EDS detector option
  • Secondary electron detector option
  • Small footprint with no infrastructure needed

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The Power of Phenom

Product Features

Superb Image Quality

Whether it’s the cerium hexaboride crystals of the XL, Pro, and Pure, or the FEG source of the Pharos, electron sources of the Phenom desktop SEMs create a more naturally coherent beam than traditional tungsten SEM sources. That equates to striking images with little effort.

Minimal Maintenance

Phenoms are always ready for immediate operation with very low downtime. Unlike tungsten filament-based SEMs which require frequent replacements, electron source changes of Phenoms are far and few between due to incredibly long source lifetimes.

Automation With PPI

The XL comes equipped with the Phenom Programming Interface (PPI), a powerful method for scripting repetitive work with Python scripting to increase sample throughput and more.

Vibration Insensitivity

The Phenom is the only SEM that is insensitive to vibrations. It can be used in noisy environments and does not require special tables or vibration isolation platforms.

High Throughput Like No Other

Load a sample into a Phenom and get a live SEM image in about 35 seconds. The Phenom is the fastest loading SEM thanks to its innovative load-lock stage design.

Low-Vacuum Mode

Image non-conducting samples without extra sample preparation or gold coating using the built-in low vacuum mode. No special detectors or additional infrastructure are required.

SEM Image Gallery

Phenom XL Image Gallery

See Available Detectors

Phenom Desktop SEM Detector Options

The Phenom XL desktop SEM is compatible with several detectors, including:

The backscattered electron detector (BSD) and secondary electron detector (SED) are responsible for detecting electrons resulting from interactions between the electron beam and sample surface. The two detectors collect different signals that convey varying information about atomic numbers and surface topography.

Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) provides semi-quantitative elemental composition information by analyzing the X-rays released from atoms when irradiated with electrons. EDS is a non-destructive method for identifying compounds on micro and nanoscales, displayed through colorized elemental mapping.

See Available Sample Stages

Phenom XL Desktop SEM Sample Stages

The Phenom XL supports several multi-sample stages and stage inserts for highly specialized applications.

The only eucentric tilt stage available on a desktop SEM. Six motorized axes provide control over the the height, tilt, and rotation of the sample, while maintaining perfect focus.

Pull apart samples and observe material properties in the SEM with forces as high as 1 kN. While the software graphs the force vs displacement curve.

Maintain uniform working distance across multiple surface polished samples. Especially useful when performing quantitative EDS analysis.

Firmly fixate delicate filter and membrane samples without the use of carbon tape for accurate SEM imaging and EDS analysis. 

Sensitive samples can be prepared in a glove box and enclosed in the transfer box to maintain inert atmosphere during transfer to the SEM.

sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Tools

Quickly prepare artifact-free samples for high quality EBSD, failure analysis, and cross-sectional analysis.

Reduce electric charging and improve SEM image quality with uniform gold and platinum coatings.

Quickly prepare artifact-free samples for high quality EBSD, failure analysis, and cross-sectional analysis.

The Nebula is designed to aid in the preparation of powder samples for analysis in an SEM

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