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Ivium Ivicycle

Potentiostats & Galvanostats


Product Overview

The IviCycle is a multi-channel test system with simultaneous impedance capability on every channel, ideal for battery testing applications.

High Channel-Count

Up to 128 channels when combining Ivicycle systems

Extensive Data Storage

Up 20,000,000 data points per channel independent of the computer

Low-Cost Per Channel

Economic solution for high throughput experiments

Ivicycle Features

The IviCycle unit is built into a 19-inch rack mountable housing with space for 4 modules. There are 4 different model options that either have 4 channels (C1000 and C3000) or have 8 channels (C30 and C200). The models are available either as a DC version (no EIS), or as an EIS version with impedance capability on each of the channels. So, it is possible to configure a custom system of between 16 and 32 channels per IviCycle. Multiple IviCycle systems can be controlled by one data acquisition computer for up to a maximum of 128 channels.

Every IviCycle system incorporates a µDataSecure module that can save up to 20 million points per channel independently from the computer. This ensures that if there is a communication loss or a computer crash/update, the measurement will continue, and data will not be lost. This provides peace of mind for long-duration, high-throughput testing.

The µDataSecure module also allows for remote access via connection over a Local Area Network (LAN). This allows for multiple researchers to conduct experiments on the same instrument at the same time. Connection can also be made via USB cable.

  • Designed for battery/fuel cell testing
  • Multi-channel battery test system
  • Available in multiple configurations: (±30 mA / ±10 V), (±200 mA / ±10 V), (±1 A / ± 5 V), and (±3 A / ±5 V)
  • Optional FRA/EIS: 10 µHz  -20 kHz on each channel for simultaneous testing
  • 19″ rack-mountable housing
  • Low-cost-per-channel battery test solution

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Product Features


The maximum current or potential of the instrument can be defined by the operator. Thus valuable samples may be protected, and unsafe situations prevented.

Data security & Connection

The IviCycle is equipped with an integrated DataSecure module:

  • Data is stored onboard independently of the computer.
  • Connection of multiple PCs is possible

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Potentiostats & Galvanostats

IviCycle Module Comparison

System performance IviCycle C030 IviCycle C200 IviCycle C1000 IviCycle C3000
Number of channels in module 8 8 4 4
Current compliance ±30mA ±200mA ±1A ±3A
Signal acquisition Dual channel 18bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s Dual channel 18bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s Dual channel 16bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s Dual channel 16bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s
Maximum applied voltage ±10V ±10V ±5V ±5V
Applied potential range ±10V, 0.08mV res. ±10V, 0.08mV res. ±5V, 0.08mV res. ±5V, 0.08mV res.
Current Ranges ±10nA to ±100mA ±10nA to ±100mA ±1mA to ±1A ±1mA to ±1A
Galvanostatic Current Ranges ±10µA to ±100mA ±10µA to ±100mA ±1mA to ±10A ±1mA to ±10A

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