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SEMPrep Smart

Technoorg-Linda Ion Mills

SEMprep SMART Ion Mill

Product Overview

SEMPrep SMART is a state-of-the-art multifunctional ion milling system for slope cutting and damage-free surface polishing that is vital for SEM and EBSD sample preparation.

Widest energy range (100 eV- 16 keV)

For rapid thinning and final polishing

Pre-Tilted Sample Holders

For slope cutting at 30° and 90°

Dual Cooling Options

Peltier and Liquid nitrogen cooling options for heat sensitive or cryo samples


Product Features

Easy-to-use operation

Beginners to advanced users can optimally use SEMPrep SMART thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface. The SEMPrep SMART can be fully automated for an intervention-free operation to obtain reproducible results. The users can create, edit, and save protocols based on their application needs.

Wide energy range

The SEMPrep SMART has two separate ion sources that offer the widest energy range on the market. A high-energy source (up to 10 keV) is used for rapid milling while a patented low-energy ion source (100 eV to 2 keV) is ideal for generating smooth and damage-free specimen surfaces. Optionally, the high-energy ion source can be replaced by an ultra-high-energy ion gun (up to 16 keV) for milling extra hard materials or for extremely fast milling. At energy ranges above 10 keV, milling rates of 530 µm/h can be reached.

Dual cooling options

SEMPrep SMART offers two different cooling options for different applications. The Peltier cooling option is an ideal solution for protecting samples from overheating. However, if working with heat-sensitive or cryo samples, the liquid nitrogen option is recommended.

Fast and efficient sample exchange

The motorized sample holder enables fast and easy sample loading and unloading. The addition of the load lock maintains the vacuum levels in the chamber during sample exchange to save time and energy.

Sample holders

SEMPrep SMART has a wide range of sample holders for slope cutting. Pre-tilted holders with 30°, and 90° slopes are available. In the case of specialized applications, motorized sample holders with 2 µm accuracy are also available. Large sample holders for polishing applications can accommodate samples that are pertinent to industrial applications.

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