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Phenom Desktop SEM

Phenom Electron Detectors

The Phenom Backscatter Electron Detector (BSD) provides high resolution images that convey elemental contrast information. This highly sensitive detector is standard to every Phenom Desktop SEM and is configured to provide fast, high-quality imaging that allows you to readily identify different phases present in a sample. The detector operates well at any magnification and vacuum level and an optional topographic mode makes use of the four-segment configuration of the sensors to provide a qualitative visualization of surface roughness.

The Phenom Secondary Electron Detector (SED) collects electrons emitted from the sample surface and thus provides crisp and high-resolution surface-sensitive imaging. Images generated with the SED convey surface topographical information and generally have higher resolution as a result of the smaller beam-sample interaction volume. Therefore, SED imaging is a great complement to BSD imaging overall.

Mixed Mode

Built-in signal mixing allows you to simultaneously view BSD and SED signals in a singular composite image

Fast Imaging

High sensitivity paired with the fastest vent-load cycle provides an average time-to-image of under 40 seconds

Surface Sensitivity

Topographic imaging using an optional SED, or take advantage of the segmented BSD in topographic mode

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