The Phenom Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom Field Emission SEM

The NEW Thermo ScientificTM Phenom Pharos is the only tabletop SEM with a field emission (FEG) source, making it the highest resolution SEM in its class. Achieve high brightness and <3nm resolution images in a compact design.

The advanced hardware design and detectors enable a fast time to image and easy, foolproof handling.

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iNano Nanoindenter by KLA Tencor

Nanoindenters by KLA Tencor

Nanoindenters from KLA Tencor utilize superior cutting-edge technology. The physics behind the measurements has been optimized to produce repeatable data.

  • Easy-to-use, providing best-in-industry performance
  • Minimal training required due to the user-friendly interface
  • No need for a dedicated operator
  • Customizable software for different applications

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Fluidnatek LE-50 Electrospinning Machine by Bioinicia

Perfect Nanofibers Every Time

The Fluidnatek from Bioinicia fabricates micro and nano scaled fibers and particles through the electrospinning and electrospraying techniques. Versatile and powerful, these instruments generate precise, controlled, reproducible and scalable product for your application needs.

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QSense Pro a Quartz-Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation by Biolin Scientific

Quantifying the Nanoscale World

Analyze molecular interactions and surface properties in real-time with QSense® and QCM-D. The unique dissipation parameter is obtained under non-voltage conditions. This enables rapid and accurate measurements suitable for a wide range of samples, including aqueous as well as organic solvent systems.

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New: Phenom Pharos

Phenom Pharos is the only tabletop SEM with a field emission (FEG) source. Achieve high brightness, high resolution images in a compact design.

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Phenom Pharos SEM with Field Emission Gun (FEG) source

Contact Angle Goniometry

Contact angle, θ, is a quantitative measure of wetting of a solid by a liquid. It is defined geometrically as the angle formed by a liquid at the three phase boundary where a liquid, gas, and solid intersect.

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Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement using the volume changing and tilting cradle method