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Perfect Nanofibers Everytime

The Fluidnatek from Bioinicia fabricates micro and nano scaled fibers and particles through the electrospinning and electrospraying techniques. Versatile and powerful, these instruments generate precise, controlled, reproducible and scalable product for your application needs.

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Harvard Fiber

The First QCM-D

Analyze molecular interactions and surface properties in real-time with QSenseĀ® and QCM-D. The unique dissipation parameter is obtained under non-voltage conditions. This enables rapid and accurate measurements suitable for a wide range of samples, including aqueous as well as organic solvent systems.

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Harvard Fiber

World Leading Scanning Electron Microscope

The Phenom desktop SEM combines a fast, easy to use workflow with high resolution imaging. The highly detailed images are the result in the high brightness, long life source. Users no longer need to fear catastrophic source failure and downtime that come from other SEMs. High uptime, no user maintenance and lowest cost of ownership have made the Phenom the best selling microscope in the world.

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Nanoscience Instruments provides sophisticated yet intuitive instrumentation for micro to nanoscale imaging and materials characterization. We provide superb service, support and applications assistance.

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Nanoscience Instruments is a proud partner of Thermo Scientific featuring the worlds best selling Scanning Electron Microscope: The Phenom Desktop SEM.
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Ion Milling Technique

Ion milling is the process of removing the top amorphous layer on a material to reveal the pristine sample surface for high-resolution imaging and post-processing.

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