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QSense™ Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring

QSense™ QCM-D Instruments

QSense QCM-D (quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation) systems enable real time monitoring of nanoscale molecular interactions and structural changes at surfaces and interfaces. Based on unique Ring-down technology that is superior to other QCMs, the QSense line allows the fastest data acquisition of any QCM on the market (up to 300 datapoints per second) and exceptional mass sensitivity (0.5 ng/cm² i.e., sub monolayer). The flexibility of this technique enables vast exploration and experimentation, making it easy to find answers to research questions in various disciplines such as Biology, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, and food science.

The unique dissipation parameter that defines QCM-D is obtained under non-voltage conditions leading to more stable, long-term signals. With this technique, you can obtain accurate and fast measurements of surface mass and viscoelastic parameters consistently for a wide range of samples, consisting of various combinations of surfaces and sample solutions (aqueous as well as organic media). 

Original QCM-D Technology

Developed and commercialized by the founders of QSense – the pioneers of QCM-D

Most Sensitive QCM Instrument

Best signal to noise ratio and baseline stability of any QCM on the market

Viscoelastic-modeling Software Included

The only QCM supplier that offers comprehensive data analysis software including viscoelastic-modeling

Unique Measurement Principle

Non-voltage readout of frequency and Dissipation, superior to other measurement principles including impedance

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QSense™ Product Options

The quartz crystal microbalances from Biolin Scientific have earned trust in labs all over the world. With more than 100 sensor coatings available, QSense has enabled the analysis of interfaces, thin-films, and molecular interactions. Through long-term development and experience, the advanced measurement techniques of these instruments have earned a reputation of precision in several industries.

QSense Omni is the new, cutting-edge instrument from the pioneers of QCM-D. Based on established technology, which has supported a deeper understanding of surface and interface interactions for decades, QSense Omni gives you sharper QCM-D data and a smooth journey in the lab.

QSense Pro is the most advanced QCM instrument on the market with full automation and high-throughput enabling enhanced efficiency and reproducibility. You can easily program your measurements in the software and the high precision flow-control ensures effective sample use.

QSense Analyzer produces high-quality data from up to four channels running experiments and measuring in parallel. The smart design with four removable flow modules makes it easy to set up new experiments. QSense Analyzer will quickly become a workhorse in your lab.

QSense Explorer is a versatile instrument with the flexibility to fit any application. Thanks to its modular design, it enables you to extend your measurement conditions with various modules and combine experiments with several other technologies.

QSense Initiator focuses on the fundamental functions and qualities of QCM-D analysis. It produces data with superior accuracy, has a robust design, and enables a wide range of experimental conditions to suit your basic research needs.

QSense High Pressure gives you the ability to explore more with experiments closer to real-life conditions. Whether you are struggling to increase oil yield, prevent fouling of pipes, or find an optimal lubricant for engines, it is valuable to understand your processes better.

The QSense QCM-D systems come equipped with standard flow modules, which enables a wide variety of aqueous and gas-phase experiments. Many other specialized modules are available to support experiments that require the use of additional technologies.

Download the QSense™ QCM-D Product Brochure:

QSense Software

QSense™ DFind Data Analysis Software

QSense Dfind is the reliable and easy-to-use analysis software from QSense. It helps you to quickly and simply extract the information you are looking for, such as mass, thickness, viscoelastic properties, and adsorption rates.

Knowledge Base

QSense™ Applications

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Qsense QCM-D Instruments

Qsense Model Comparison

QSense Model:






Sensors and sample handling system
Measurement Channels 1-4 8 4 1 1
Temperature Range 4-70°C 4-70°C 15-65°C 15-65°C 20-45°C
Volume above each sensor ~ 20 μl ~ 20 μl ~ 40 μl ~ 40 μl ~ 40 μl
Minimum sample volume, flow mode ~ 90 μl ~ 50 μl ~ 200 μl ~ 200 μl ~ 200 μl
Measurement Characteristics
Max. time resolution 300 datapoints per second 100 datapoints per second 300 datapoints per second 300 datapoints per second 4 datapoints per second
Minimum frequency noise (Hz) 0.005 0.02 0.03 0.03 N/A
Minimum mass noise (ng/cm2) 0.08 0.4 0.5 0.5 N/A
Minimum dissipation noise (1) 1 x 10-9
5 x 10-9
12 x 10-9
11 x 10-9
Limit of Detection (ng/cm2) 0.24 1.08 1.34 1.56 N/A
Long-term stability: frequency (Hz/h) < 0.35 < 1 < 1 < 1 < 1
Long-term stability: dissipation (1/h) < 0.04 x 10-6 < 0.15 x 10-6 <0.15 x 10-6 < 0.15 x 10-6 < 0.15 x 10-6
Long-term stability: Temperature (°C/h) < 0.003 < 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.02
Experimental Setup and Workflow
Automated liquid handling Yes Yes No No No
Automated set-up quality checks Yes, full Yes, some No No No
Automated and controlled sensor mounting Yes No No No No
Liquid exchange Share exchange, improved Sharp exchange Continuous Continuous Continuous
Pump type Integrated syringe Integrated syringe External peristaltic External peristaltic External peristaltic
Flexible flow rate between channels Yes Yes No N/A N/A
Integrated sample heating Yes Yes No No No
Live script editing Yes Manual mode N/A N/A N/A
Automated cleaning Yes Yes No No No
Integrated sample mixing No Yes No No No
Analysis software QSense Dfind QSense Dfind QSense Dfind
Output parameters Frequency, dissipation, modeled values of mass, thickness, and viscoelasticity. Frequency, dissipation, modeled values of mass, thickness, and viscoelasticity. Frequency, dissipation, modeled values of mass, thickness, and viscoelasticity. Frequency, dissipation, Sauerbrey mass Frequency, dissipation, Sauerbrey mass

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