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Interfacial Shear Rheometer Flip

Biolin KSV NIMA Interfacial Shear Rheometer

Interfacial Shear Rheometer (ISR) Flip

Product Overview

The KSV NIMA ISR Flip is an Interfacial Shear Rheometer that enables highly sensitive measurements of interfacial viscoelasticity and stability at air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces. Thanks to its easy integration with KSV NIMA Langmuir troughs, the ISR Flip provides exceptional control over monolayer packing density and surface pressure during measurements.

High Sensitivity

The lightweight magnetized probes enable highly sensitive measurements with minimum interaction between the instrument and the probe

Full Probe Control

A magnetic trap keeps the probe positioned. Strength of the trap is variable based on distance from the probe, which enables a wider range of moduli and frequencies

Product Features

KSV NIMA ISR Flip enables both dynamic and static measurements to define the viscoelasticity of the interfacial layers. With dynamic measurement, viscoelastic properties are measured as a function of frequency, time, strain, temperature or surface pressure. Static measurement enables creep testing to be performed and indicates whether the system behaves like an ideal Newtonian liquid (dashpot model) or ideal elastic (spring model). These measurements enable the following parameters to be defined:

  • Elastic (storage) modulus, G’
  • Viscous (loss) modulus, G’’
  • Dynamic interfacial viscosity, μs*
  • Surface/interfacial viscosity, η
  • Relaxation times, τ

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