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Tech Note | Technology: Spark Ablation

Clean and Tunable Model Catalyst Synthesis using Spark Ablation Technology

Heterogeneous catalysts are essential in today’s chemical industry and are crucial for enabling tomorrow’s green hydrogen economy. Developing the mainstream heterogeneous catalysts of tomorrow requires a fundamental understanding of catalytic…

Tech Note | Technology: Optical Tensiometry

Leveraging Contact Angle Measurements to Predict Polymer Blending

Plastics made from polymeric materials are an integral part of many consumer goods and products. Whether it is the packaging or the product itself, different polymers can provide material and…

Tech Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Monitoring Technical Cleanliness with Automated SEM & EDS

Technical cleanliness is the exhaustive control of contamination across manufacturing and assembly of components to protect product integrity. In precision systems, undesirable particles can be detrimental to functionality, eroding and…

Tech Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Preparing Powders for Scanning Electron Microscopy

Powders are one of the most common forms of materials that are analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The distribution of particle sizes, composition, and surface morphology plays an important…

App Note | Technology: Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Overcoming Obstacles in Food Science with QCM-D

Food science plays a crucial role in meeting the demands of a growing population, ensuring a consistent supply of safe and nourishing food, and promoting sustainable practices to minimize waste….

App Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Characterization of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Components

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that can provide clean, renewable energy for widespread applications, from powering handheld devices to entire buildings. Of the various fuel cell types, arguably the most…

App Note | Technology: Force Tensiometry

Optimizing Lithium-Ion Battery Materials with Force Tensiometry

Batteries are a decisive element of modern mobile power consumption. While batteries have already been integrated irrevocably into smaller devices such as smartphones or portable computers, rechargeable batteries are increasingly…

Tech Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Automated Gunshot Residue Analysis Using Scanning Electron Microscopy

Meticulous collection, analysis, and interpretation of material obtained from crime scenes are imperative in ensuring accurate evidence is presented during legal proceedings. Forensic scientists investigate a diverse range of samples…

Tech Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Python Programming for SEM Automation

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are staple tools for analyzing the structures and elemental makeup of surfaces with high resolution. Bringing SEM instruments in-house can provide immense value to organizations that…

App Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Analyzing Morphological and Mechanical Properties at the Microscale for Tissue Engineering

Regenerative medicine is an evolving field focused on developing advanced technologies that harness the body’s natural healing abilities to restore or replace damaged tissues and organs in the body lost…

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