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Ion Milling Equipment

Sample Preparation

Ion mills

Ion milling is an essential part of the sample preparation process for electron microscopy analysis. This versatile method can remove surface contamination, planarize mechanically cross-sectioned samples, or thin and polish electron-transparent lamellae. 

Technoorg Linda has devoted 25 years to continuous innovation and improvement resulting in outstanding, easy-to-use, and reliable equipment. Their ion milling solutions are used in a variety of fields including materials science, biological science, geology, and multi-layer systems in semiconductor and optical devices.

Artifact-Free Samples

Quickly prepare samples for high quality EBSD, cross-sectional analysis, or atomic-resolution imaging


Produce high quality samples with minimum user intervention by leveraging an intuitive graphical interface

Unsurpassed Thinning Rates

Variable ion sources for continuous adjustment of milling energy achieves rapid and controlled thinning

Dual Cooling

Booth liquid nitrogen and Peltier cooling options are available to protect the heat-sensitive samples

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Ion Mill Product Options

Choose from the highest-quality, easiest to use, and most reliable ion milling tools worldwide. With a focus on compatibility and versatility, each product delivers consistent and controlled milling for high-quality SEM and TEM analysis.

The SEMPrep 2 ion mill meets the highest demands. Multifunctional device for slope cutting and damage-free surface polishing offered for SEM and EBSD users.

The UniMill ion mill has been designed for the extremely rapid preparation of high-quality TEM/XTEM samples with an unsurpassed high thinning rate. 

Gentle Mill features a patented low energy ion gun for the final cleaning of FIB and TEM samples, complete with a special sample holder for microscope transfer.

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Sample Preparation

Ion Mill Model Comparison

SEMPrep2 UniMill GentleMill
Ion Source Ultra high-energy(up to 16 keV) optional optional n/a
High-energy(up to 10 keV) standard standard n/a
Low energy(100 eV - 2 keV) standard standard standard
Milling energy continuously adjustable continuously adjustable continuously adjustable
Sample Stage Tilt range 0°-30° 0°-40° 0°-40°
Tilt increment 0.1° 0.1° 0.1°
In-plane rotation yes yes yes
In-plane oscillation +10° to +40 in 10° steps +10° to +60 in 10° steps +10° to +60 in 10° steps
Slope cutting holder types 30°, 45°, 90° n/a n/a
Surface cleaning holder types flat head, standard head, hollow type n/a n/a
Thickness range of TEM sample n/a 30-200 µm 30-200 µm
LN2 cooling optional optional n/a
Peltier cooling optional optional n/a
Vacuum system oil-free diaphragm + turbomolecular pumps
Gas supply 99.999% pure argon
Imaging system Camera high-resolution (5 Mpixel) color CMOS
Magnification 50-400x
Computer Control Interface easy-to-use graphical interface
Automated ion source setup yes
Milling protocol automated or manual
Automatic perforation detection n/a yes yes

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