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Vitrojet Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Vitrojet Knowledge base

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VitroJet: Revolutionizing CryoEM Sample Prep

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Overcoming the Learning Curve of CRYO-EM Sample Preparation

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Product Brochure
Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Cryosol VitroJet™

Product Overview

The VitroJet™ is a next generation cryo-EM sample vitrification robot designed in part to minimize manual manipulation throughout the cryo-EM grid preparation workflow while improving sample quality and consistency. Providing a more efficient way for optimizing sample conditions for a higher return from data collection, and allowing researchers to focus on the true research.

Pre-Clipped Autogrids

Jet vitrification allows the use for pre-clipped grids, minimzing grid damage

Control Sample Thickness

 Easily customize deposition settings and monitor with real-time visual feedback

Ease & Automation

Makes all of the steps prior to microscopy into a low-cost, low-risk, and reproducible activity

Nanoliter Sample Volumes

Novel pin-printing deposits uniform liquid layers without the need for blotting

VitroJet™ Features
  • Automation facilitates repeatable successful vitrification by novice users
  • Blotless sample deposition utilizing pin-printing
  • Jet vitrification freezes pre-clipped Autogrids
  • Freeze up to 12 grids per session
  • Low sample volume used- 0.5μL per 12 grid session
  • In-line glow discharge
  • Standard cryo-EM concentrations
  • Use any traditional cryo-EM grid
  • Storable automated workflows
  • Prescreen grids in situ with comparable “Atlas” view

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Cryosol Vitrojet™

Real-time Visual Feedback

Vitrojet Screening Image

Nanometer-thick film formation can be directly visualized within the holes of the pre-clipped grids for screening of frozen sample thickness, negating a downstream screening concern in a TEM.

TEM Atlas Image
Videos & Demos

Vitrojet Videos & demos

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