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Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM

Phenom Knowledge base

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Phenom Desktop SEM

Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM

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Product Overview

The Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM uses a field emission gun (FEG) as its source of electrons for applications that demand the highest resolution. Benefitting from a broad accelerating voltage range of 1-20 kV, the Pharos is capable of  accommodating a variety of insulating and beam-sensitive samples with low kV imaging, an ability enhanced further by a temperature controlled sample holder, among other compatible holders.

Field electron emission brings unmatched performance across all desktop SEMs

Go as low as 1 kV of accelerating voltage for insulating and beam sensitive specimens

Intuitive Interface

Operating a powerful FEG-SEM has never been easier with a clear and navigable user interface

No Infrastructure Needed

Tabletop, benchtop, or desktop, installation only requires a sturdy table and a single power outlet

Phenom Pharos Features

The Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop SEM is the premier field emission desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM), from ThermoFisher, designed to be the most accessible FEG system with the smallest footprint on the market, yet also capable of delivering the highest resolution images of any other desktop SEM. The core architecture of the Pharos is of the same design that has established the Phenom line of desktop SEMs as the world’s best- selling desktop SEMs: secondary electron detector (SED), optional energy-dispersive X-ray detector (EDS), low vacuum modes, and sophisticated suite of analytical software permit a thorough analysis of any sample. Coupling the core characteristics of Phenom SEMs with the low kV imaging and field emission technology of the Pharos pushes the boundaries of electron microscopy to new limits by enabling the detailed characterization of sensitive samples in pristine states.

  • Schottky field electron emission (FEG-SEM)
  • Accelerating voltage range of 1-20 kV
  • 2,000,000x maximum SEM magnification
  • Color optical camera for single-click navigation
  • Integrated EDS detector option for elemental composition
  • SED option for topography insights
  • No infrastructure needed

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The Power of Phenom

Product Features

Superb Image Quality

Whether it’s the cerium hexaboride crystals of the XL, Pro, and Pure, or the FEG source of the Pharos, electron sources of the Phenom desktop SEMs create a more naturally coherent beam than traditional tungsten SEM sources. That equates to striking images with little effort.

Minimal Maintenance

Phenoms are always ready for immediate operation with very low downtime. Unlike tungsten filament-based SEMs which require frequent replacements, electron source changes of Phenoms are far and few between due to incredibly long source lifetimes.

Intuitive Operation and Software

The operating software of each Phenom is clear and navigable, offering easy mouse click and keyboard control with intuitive adjustment of all electron beam settings and imaging parameters — without relying on overwhelming menus or convoluted tutorials.

Vibration Insensitivity

The Phenom is the only SEM that is insensitive to vibrations. It can be used in noisy environments and does not require special tables or vibration isolation platforms.

Speed to Data

Load a sample into a Phenom and get a live SEM image in about 35 seconds. The Phenom is the fastest loading SEM thanks to its innovative load-lock stage design.

Low-Vacuum Mode

Image non-conducting samples without extra sample preparation or gold coating using the built-in low vacuum mode. No special detectors or additional infrastructure are required.

SEM Image Gallery

Phenom Pharos Image Gallery

See Available Detectors

Phenom Desktop SEM Detector Options

The Phenom Pharos field emission desktop SEM is compatible with several detectors, including:

The backscattered electron detector (BSD) and secondary electron detector (SED) are responsible for detecting electrons resulting from interactions between the electron beam and sample surface. The two detectors collect different signals that convey varying information about atomic numbers and surface topography.

Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) provides semi-quantitative elemental composition information by analyzing the X-rays released from atoms when irradiated with electrons. EDS is a non-destructive method for identifying compounds on micro and nanoscales, displayed through colorized elemental mapping.

See Available Sample Holders

Phenom P-Series Desktop SEM Sample Holders

The Phenom P-Series lineup of desktop SEMs is comprised of the Pharos, Pro/ProX, and Pure systems, each compatible with a variety of sample holders for highly specialized applications.

With the Phenom Pharos STEM detector, transmission imaging becomes more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. This holder seamlessly adds functionality with its plug-and-play design and intuitive workflow. Switch between SEM and STEM modes, adjust imaging parameters, and acquire high-quality images with just a few clicks.

Revealing the hidden features of samples is made possible with the Motorized Tilt & Rotation sample holder. This holder allows for angular tilting and rotation of the sample stage, allowing for imaging of the same area from multiple angles and improved visualization of three-dimensional structures.

The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder protects sensitive specimens and enables imaging of hydrated samples by Peltier cooling and heating. With a temperature range of -25°C to 50°C, samples can be maintained at sub-zero temperatures to prevent damage from the vacuum and electron beam.

The Microtool Sample Holder features an iris style clamp, specially designed for securely holding axially shaped objects or samples with a high aspect ratio. Ideal for observing drill bits, milling tools, and injection needles, simply secure the sample with a non-destructive clamping mechanism and start imaging within minutes.

The Electrical Feedthrough Sample Holder enables in-situ electrical measurements. The holder has six quick release pins that can be used to measure or apply voltages and currents to the sample while it is under the SEM column. This holder is ideal for observation of MEMS devices and for performing failure analysis.

The Metallurgical Sample Holder is designed to support resin-embedded samples. It comes in two variations – standard and charge reduction, with the option for two sizes of inserts. This holder speeds up SEM analysis for metallurgical samples.

sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Tools

Ensure crisp imaging and high quality analysis with automated sample preparation tools.

Reduce electric charging and improve SEM image quality with uniform gold and platinum coatings.

Quickly prepare artifact-free samples for high quality EBSD, failure analysis, and cross-sectional analysis.

The Nebula is designed to aid in the preparation of powder samples for analysis in an SEM

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