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Phenom Desktop SEM

Tensile Testing Stage

Tensile testing is one of the simplest and most widely used mechanical tests for understanding material properties and predicting how products will behave in their intended applications. Once a material is pulled to breaking point, it is often analyzed in an SEM to determine the mechanism of failure. Now, these two steps can be combined using the tensile sample holder for the Phenom XL desktop SEM.

Flexible Options

Choice of 150-N and 1000-N load cells

In Situ Mechanical Testing

Capture SEM images during load cycles

Accessory Features

The tensile/compression stages have been designed in collaboration with Deben for use within the Phenom XL. The modules allow many different materials to be deformed and stretched at loads of up to 100 Kg (1 kN). There are two modules and load cells available: 150 N and 1000 N; the choice depends on the type of sample and the tests being carried out.

Tensile testing is used to:

  • Determine batch quality
  • Determine manufacturing consistency
  • Aid the design process
  • Reduce material costs and achieve lean manufacturing goals
  • Ensure compliance with international and industry standards

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