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Assessing Stability and Material Compatibility of Biopharmaceutical Formulations through QCM-D Analysis

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Optimizing Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Processes with QCM-D

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Characterizing Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Bioelectronics using EQCM-D 

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How Does QCM-D Enable Research in PFAS Remediation?

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Product Brochure
Biolin QCM-D Instruments

QSense Pro

Product Overview

QSense Pro is the best option for large-scale QCM-D analysis. The fully automated system provides you with high quality data and reproducible results with its user-independent operation.

Increased productivity

Build custom multi-step recipes for up to 8 channels, boosting experimental throughput


Pre-program protocols for experiments and let the fully automated QSense Pro do the work for you

Parallel Experimentation

Evaluate several parameters such as surfaces, adsorbate concentration, and buffer solution, in parallel by utilizing syringe pumps on 4 channels.


Automated measurements, high-precision controls, and automatic mixing with sample gradients means less room for human error

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QSense Pro

Product Features

High precision flow-control ​

Pre-programming and full automation of functions such as liquid mixing reduces preparation time and allows for unattended measurements with high reproducibility


controlled syringe pumps and Flexiflow Feature

Enables 4 channels to be used independently with different samples, flow rates, and sensors, with independent measurement sequences

Wide Temperature Range

In the standard chamber, experimental conditions can be controlled from 4-70°C. Optionally, the thermostat controlled water bath expands the temperature range up to 150°C


Compatible with external accessory chambers

Available modules include: Electrochemistry, Ellipsometry, High Temperature, Humidity, and more

Integrated cleaning station

Automatic cleaning after measurement

Precise sample handling

Sharp sample exchange and a minimum of 50 µl sample per sensor ensures effective sample use

See Available Modules

QSense Pro Accessories

The QSense Pro supports several modules for highly specialized applications, including:

Electrochemistry Module

Supports simultaneous QCM-D and electrochemistry measurements. Combine QCM-D with cyclic voltammetry (CV) or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for corrosion studies and more.

Ellipsometry Module

Enables simultaneous QCM-D and ellipsometric measurements on the same sample substrate for greater insight into the hydration properties of the surface and molecules being measured.

Humidity Module

A GORE™ membrane separates the sensor from liquid flow, creating an air-filled compartment. Flowing saturated salt solution over the membrane generates a specific and controlled relative humidity over the sensor.

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