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Attension® Force Tensiometers

Precision Force Tensiometers

Attension® Sigma Force Tensiometers

Attension Sigma Force Tensiometers by Biolin Scientific enable precise characterization of material surface and interfacial properties for both quality control and R&D. At the core of the Sigma Force Tensiometer series is an ultra-sensitive force balance and robust instrument design, allowing the most accurate and user-friendly measurements of surface tension, interfacial tension, and liquid density. With a suite of additional probes available, the Sigma Force Tensiometers are versatile instruments in understanding the interfaces of liquids and solid surfaces.


Class leading balance sensitivity with a force resolution of 0.005 μN


Plug-and-play modules and upgrades with a multitude of available force probes

Sturdy and Affordable

Robust design with a touchpad for instrument control and quick experimental setup

Tailored Options

Step-by-step directions for basic measurements or software-powered customizability

See available configurations

Attension® Sigma Product Options

Attension Sigma Force Tensiometers employ a simple and robust technique to measure surface tension, interfacial tension, and density of liquids. These direct measurements allow determination of a liquid material properties, like critical micelle concentration. Beyond surface/interfacial tension, the availability of multiple probes allows measurements of the interaction between solid and liquid surfaces, including powder wettability, dynamic contact angles, sedimentation, and adhesion. Understanding these interactions plays a critical role in surfactant development, adhesion, formulation development, absorption, and wettability.

The Sigma 700/701 allows the highest sensitivity and largest range of experimental options. Automatic computer-controlled measurements of surface tension, interfacial tension, powder wettability, dynamic contact angles, critical micelle concentration, density, sedimentation, and adhesion force.

The Sigma 702 is a semi-automatic standalone force tensiometer workhorse for surface tension, interfacial tension, density, and manual critical micelle concentration measurements. Step-by-step instruction on the instrument screen makes these measurements fast and the data reproducible.

The Sigma 702 ET Transformer Oil Analyzer is a semi-automatic standalone force tensiometer for oil and water interfacial tension measurements in accordance with the ASTM D971 and IEC standards.

The Sigma 703 D is a manual standalone force tensiometer for accurate measurements of surface tension, interfacial tension, and density at the best value.

Download the Attension® Sigma Product Brochure:

All-inclusive Software

One Attension Software

OneAttension is an all-inclusive software that enables immediate access to all measurement capabilities with no need to purchase and install separate software modules. One software for all contact angle, adhesion force, drop shape, interfacial tension, interfacial rheology and tensiometry measurements with quick and intuitive user interface.

Knowledge base

Attension® Common Applications

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Attension Sigma

Sigma Model Comparison


Sigma 700

Sigma 701

Sigma 702

Sigma 702 ET

Sigma 703 D

Available Measurements
Surface Tension
Interfacial Tension
Critical Micelle Concentration Automatic Automatic Manual Manual Manual
Dynamic Contact Angle
Surface Free Energy
Powder Wettability
Balance Specifications
Measturing range (mN/m) 1 – 2000 1 – 2000 1 – 1000 1 – 1000 1 – 1000
Displayed resolution (mN/m) 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.01 0.01
Density Range (g/cm3) 0 – 2.2
Density resolution (g/cm3) 0.0001
Maximum Load (g) 210 5
Weighing Resolution (mg) 0.01 0.005 0.01 0.01 0.01
Force Resolution (μN) 0.1 0.05 0.1 0.1 0.1
Contact angle range (°) 0-180 0-180
Contact angle resolution (°) 0.01 0.01
Calibration & Locking Automatic Manual

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