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Now that we found Surface Free Energy what are we going to do with it?

Originally Aired:

Date: November 4, 2020


Surface free energy (SFE) is a commonly measured parameter that tells us about the polar and dispersive properties of a solid. However, once this value is obtained typical follow-up questions include:

How can I use this information to predict what liquids will wet my material?

How can I modify my material to wet (or not wet) a specific liquid?

How can I modify my formulation to better wet a specific material?

In our next upcoming webinar we will review the background behind SFE and present the wetting envelope, a tool to visualize the combined measurements of surface tension and SFE.

The wetting envelope plots the expected contact angle made between a solid with a known SFE and liquids with varying surface tensions. This allows us to simulate how changes in our material (i.e. polar and dispersive components) will affect the wetting of liquids with various properties and provides direction on the next steps.

Join us on Wednesday, November 4th as we discuss how to combine this powerful tool with your optical and force tensiometer to develop strategies for optimizing your solid and liquid formulations.

Presentation By:

Arnold Luk, Ph.D.
Application Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments

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