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Nanoscience Instruments combines expertise in microscopy and surface science instrumentation with real-world solutions. We partner with innovative instrument manufacturers around the world to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems leading to break-through innovations. Our team of scientists and engineers are passionate about solutions and connecting our customers with the right products and services to accomplish these goals.

Our customers across academia, government and industry benefit from our innovation and quality assurance. Our fast and responsive staff provides support and advice in instrumentation selection, installation, training, and service. We are committed to your success.

The Nanoscience Instruments diverse portfolio includes surface science and nanoscale microscopy instrumentation, including desktop scanning electron microscopes, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, contact angle meters and interfacial tension measuring instruments, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, electrospinning equipment, optical profilometry instruments, nanoindentation instruments, micro and nanomanipulation systems, portable AFMs & STMs, as well as consumables and accessories for these instruments.

Mark Flowers is the cofounder of Nanoscience Instruments

Mark Flowers

As cofounder at Nanoscience Instruments, Mark has played a pivotal role in growing the company from its early inception to the dynamic and successful organization it is today. Mark’s strategic vision is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in both technical marketing and sales combined with his academic experience in scientific instrumentation. From his global marketing experience at multiple scanning probe microscope manufacturers, he’s developed and implemented a successful marketing program targeted to very sophisticated research customers.

Mark obtained a B.S. in physics and continued afterward in the Physics graduate program at Arizona State University.

Sebastian Kossek, a cofounder at Nanoscience Instruments

Sebastian Kossek

As cofounder at Nanoscience Instruments, Sebastian has leveraged his technical expertise in nanotechnology and entrepreneurial biosensor background to guide and support newcomers to the nanotechnology industry. He leads the Sales team and Product acquisition utilizing over 25 years of experience blending science with proven sales and strategic product acquisition.

Sebastian received his B.S. in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Bern and his PhD in Chemistry from The University of Freiburg.

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Nanoscience Instruments has been a trusted supplier of scientific instrumentation for over 15 years.

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