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Product Brochure
Biolin QCM-D Instruments

QSense™ Omni

Product Overview

QSense Omni is the new, cutting-edge instrument from the pioneers of QCM-D. Based on established technology, which has supported a deeper understanding of surface and interface interactions for decades, QSense Omni gives you sharper QCM-D data and a smooth journey in the lab. Unfold unique insights quicker and base your decisions on reliable results from highly controlled measurements.

Highest Sensitivity QCM

The Omni surpasses the previous market-leading sensitivity of other QSense systems, further improving the limit of detection and enabling easier data interpretation

Driven by Automation

Pre-program protocols and let Omni do the rest! From automated experimental setup and calibration to data collection and high-precision controls, you can limit user-dependent variation

Consistent Results

The new sensor chamber automatically locks the sensor in place, which maintains the acoustic fingerprint for more accurate and repeatable data

Fast and Precise Liquid Exchange

5 times faster liquid exchange than conventional QCM-D systems that use tubing thanks to sophisticated fluidics with direct injection

QSense Omni Features

With the premium QSense technology at the core, QSense Omni features all the benefits of the unique decay technology, leading data quality, robustness and temperature stability. On top of that, QSense Omni provides an intuitive interface, many smart functions, and automation to minimize hands-on time and maximize success rate.

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QSense Omni

Product Features

Improved Signal-to-Noise

The leading signal processing broadens the sensitivity range by improving the signal-to-noise ratio at least 4 times compared to any other QCM-D instruments. This lowers the Limit of Detection and enables easier interpretation of the data.

Fast and Precise Liquid Exchange

More control of your measurement, fast and precise liquid exchange with minimal mixing effects. Direct injection fluidics gives a true representation of the interaction under study, you are able to get a better view of what you are measuring and to detect fast processes. Saving sample along the way is a bonus.

Correct and repeatable sensor position

With the new guiding tool it is easier to mount the sensor in the right position. The automated and controlled clamping of the sensor maintain the acoustic fingerprint of the sensor. Correct and repeatable sensor mounting and clamping allowing more successful experiments.

Smooth Journey to Trustworthy Data

The clever automation in QSense Omni gives improved reproducibility and minimum manual handling. With automated cleaning, the instrument is ready for the next experiment in no time.

Optimized Measurement Conditions

Automated quality controls will make sure the measurement is started with the correct and optimal conditions. Each sensor and channel is automatically checked to make sure the set temperature is reached, all overtones are found, and the baseline is stable.

Automation for Flexibility

You can now edit and optimize your script while collecting data. Developing an optimal protocol has never been faster. Live script editing provides you with maximum flexibility with all the benefits of automation. Get in the exploratory mood!

See Available Modules

QSense Omni Accessories

The QSense Omni equipped with an Orbit chamber supports several modules for highly specialized applications:

QSense Orbit

The Orbit chamber enables use of QSense modules to expand experimental setup possibilities and combine QCM-D with other techniques. Compatible modules include: electrochemistry, window (optical access), open (direct sensor access), among others.

Electrochemistry Module

Supports simultaneous QCM-D and electrochemistry measurements. Combine QCM-D with cyclic voltammetry (CV) or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for corrosion studies and more.

Window Module

Allows for optical access to the sensor surface for experiments with UV-induced reactions and fluorescence detection.

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