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Biolin QCM-D Instruments

QSense™ Analyzer

Product Overview

QSense Analyzer produces high-quality data from four measurements in parallel. The smart design with 4 removable flow modules makes it easy to set up new experiments. QSense Analyzer will quickly become a workhorse in your lab.

4-Channel QCM-D

Enables 4 simultaneous experiments at the same conditions with flexibility of sensor surfaces, sample solutions, and flow modes

Wide Temperature Range and Resolution

Fully control temperature from 15-65°C in all 4 measurement channels. Temperature resolution is equal or better than 0.02°C

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QSense Analyzer

Product Features

Efficient Evaluation of Parameters

Four parallel measurement modules enable evaluation of different samples, substrates, solvents, concentrations, pH, and ionic strength


Experimental Flexibility

All optional QSense Modules are compatible with the QSense Analyzer, increasing experimental flexibility and enabling concurrent techniques such as electrochemistry, ellipsometry, and more

Quantification of Film Properties

Data collection at high sample rate from seven harmonics of the fundamental frequency gives maximum input for data analysis and quantification of mass, thickness, viscosity, and shear modulus of the adsorbed film

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QSense Analyzer Modules

The QSense Analyzer supports several modules for highly specialized applications, including:

Supports simultaneous QCM-D and electrochemistry measurements. Combine QCM-D with cyclic voltammetry (CV) or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for corrosion studies and more.

Ellipsometry Module

Enables simultaneous QCM-D and ellipsometric measurements on the same sample substrate for greater insight into the hydration properties of the surface and molecules being measured.

Window Module

Allows for optical access to the sensor surface for experiments with UV-induced reactions and fluorescence detection.

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