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Attension® Tensiometers

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Attension® Tensiometers

Biolin Scientific’s range of Attension tensiometers spans both optical and force characterization techniques, offering maximum versatility for studying surfaces and interfaces. The Attension Theta Optical Tensiometers, also known as contact angle goniometers, image and analyze droplet shapes on surfaces to determine a wide range of surface characteristics. The Attension Sigma Force Tensiometers record and analyze the forces exerted onto a probe or solid sample using a sensitive microbalance, enabling precision measurements such as surface and interfacial tension. 


A wide array of plug-and-play accessories can be upgraded and integrated into the instrument at any time.

Comprehensive Software

The OneAttension software offers flexibility across Theta and Sigma platforms, supporting live analysis and fully automatic measurements

Class-Leading Sensitivity

Theta’s cameras are the best on the market for pixel density, frame rate, and field-of-view, and Sigma provides class-leading balance sensitivity.

Attension Theta Optical Tensiometers are able to perform a complete range of automated contact angle measurements, which makes them a highly versatile instrument in research, industrial, and QC laboratories. The Theta range of tensiometers support the characterization of material surface properties and interfacial interactions between gas, liquid, and solid phases. Additionally, they are completely modular, enabling customization for specific research or industrial needs.

Attension Sigma Force Tensiometers are ultra-sensitive force balances with robust design, allowing the most accurate and user-friendly measurements of surface tension, interfacial tension, and liquid density. The Sigma range of tensiometers offers full automation and experimental customizability, along with specific configurations tailored for surface and interfacial measurements that are established ASTM and IEC standards.

Knowledge base

Attension® Common Applications

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