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Phenom P-Series Sample Holders

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Phenom P-Series Desktop SEM Sample Holders

The Phenom P-Series lineup of desktop SEMs is comprised of the Pharos, Pro/ProX, and Pure systems, each compatible with variety of sample holders for highly specialized applications.

Revealing the hidden features of samples is made possible with the Motorized Tilt & Rotation sample holder. This holder allows for angular tilting and rotation of the sample stage, allowing for imaging of the same area from multiple angles and improved visualization of three-dimensional structures.

The Microtool Sample Holder features an iris style clamp, specially designed for securely holding axially shaped objects or samples with a high aspect ratio. Ideal for observing drill bits, milling tools, and injection needles, simply secure the sample with a non-destructive clamping mechanism and start imaging within minutes.

The Charge Reduction Sample Holders effectively reduces electric charge buildup, minimizing the amount of preparation needed to analyze nonconductive samples. Paper, polymers, organic materials, ceramics, glass, and coatings are but a few of the materials accommodated by these holders.

The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder protects sensitive specimens and enables imaging of hydrated samples by Peltier cooling and heating. With a temperature range of -25°C to 50°C, samples can be maintained at sub-zero temperatures to prevent damage from the vacuum and electron beam.

The Electrical Feedthrough Sample Holder enables in-situ electrical measurements. The holder has six quick release pins that can be used to measure or apply voltages and currents to the sample while it is under the SEM column. This holder is ideal for observation of MEMS devices and for performing failure analysis.

The Metallurgical Sample Holder is designed to support resin-embedded samples. It comes in two variations – standard and charge reduction, with the option for two sizes of inserts. This holder speeds up SEM analysis for metallurgical samples.

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