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Phenom XL Sample Stages

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Phenom XL Desktop SEM Sample Stages

The Phenom XL supports several multi-sample stages and stage inserts for highly specialized applications.

The only eucentric tilt stage available on a desktop SEM. Six motorized axes provide control over the the height, tilt, and rotation of the sample, while maintaining perfect focus.

Pull apart samples and observe material properties in the SEM with forces as high as 1 kN. While the software graphs the force vs displacement curve.

Maintain uniform working distance across multiple surface polished samples. Especially useful when performing quantitative EDS analysis.

Firmly fixate delicate filter and membrane samples without the use of carbon tape for accurate SEM imaging and EDS analysis. 

Sensitive samples can be prepared in a glove box and enclosed in the transfer box to maintain inert atmosphere during transfer to the SEM.

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