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VSP-P1 NanoPrinter

VSParticle Knowledge base

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Product Brochure
Nanoparticle Generation

VSP-P1 NanoPrinter

The VSP-P1 NanoPrinter is the ultimate prototyping and R&D platform for material development and small-scale production testing. Based on impaction deposition of spark ablated material, the system employs additive manufacturing to simplify production of nanoporous thin films and layers with a high surface-to-volume ratio.

Thickness Control

Different layer thicknesses from sparse agglomerates to continuous layers up to a few microns thick are possible


Determine the desired printing pattern, or print multiple samples in series on the same substrate

One-Step Fabrication

Drastically reduce process complexity and accelerate development cycles with one step fabrication

VSP-P1 Features
  • Possibility of integrating two VSP-G1’s into the VSP-P1 chamber
  • Touchscreen interface 
  • Remote control through any WiFi-connected device
  • 20×20 cm printing stage
  • Control over primary particle size
  • Automated operation and data visualization
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning

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Videos & Demos

VSP-P1 Videos & demos

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