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VSP Deposition Accessories

VSParticle Knowledge base

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Nanoparticle Generation

VSP-A Series Desposition Accessories

VSP-A Series Depositions Accessories provide research scientists with flexibility and speed in sample preparation. Simply attach the desired module onto the outlet of the VSP-G1 to collect nanoparticles in one of three methods: diffusion, filtration, or impaction. 


VSP-A1 Diffusion Accessory

  • Dispersed, unagglomerated particles
  • Sample ready in 1-10 minutes
  • Sample size 10×10 mm
  • Types of substrates: TEM grids, in situ TEM chips, Electrodes, (doped) Si chips, electrodes
  • Production rate: 1-10 mg/hour
Applications: sample preparation for (in situ) S/TEM, decoration of catalyst supports, plasmonics

VSP-A2 Filtration Accessory

  • High coverage on porous substrates; bottom-up catalyst fabrication
  • Mix and match oxides and metallic nanoparticles
  • Collect particles with in-line filter
  • Type of substrates: porous membranes, electrospun wires, carbon cloth, filter paper
  • Substrate diameter = 47 mm

Applications: catalyst support decoration, filtration testing, battery anode/cathode fabrication

VSP-A3 Impaction Accessory

  • Deposition of multiple layers of nanoparticles
  • Grow nanoporous oxide layers
  • Useful as catalyst support/sensitive material
  • Types of substrates: glass, Si, TEM grids, MEMS chips
  • Max deposited area: ø3 mm

Applications: battery or fuel cell anode/cathode fabrication, layered structures

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