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VSP Electrodes

VSParticle Knowledge base

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Nanoparticle Generation

VSP ElectrodES

VSP-Electrodes enable the ultimate material versatility for nanoparticle research. The easy plug-and-play system means switching from one material to the next can be done in a matter of minutes. Source material is supplied in the form of electrodes. The electrodes work with a click system, enabling easy and quick switching of materials.

Mix & Match Materials

VSParticle offers a broad range of materials and material combinations that are compatible with the VSP-G1 system. All solid (semi) conductive materials that can be processed into electrodes can be used for nanoparticle generation.

Mixing of two pure electrodes or using alloyed/sintered electrodes enables tuning of material properties via compositional control. Similarly, by running two VSP-G1’s in parallel or series, each with different electrode materials, results in the production of hierarchically structured materials (e.g., layered structures, core-shells, or heterostructures

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VSP-Electrodes Compatibility

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