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Ivium CompactStat

Potentiostats & Galvanostats


The CompactStat.h electrochemical workstation is a USB-powered high-performance potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA. It is particularly suited to low current applications like corrosion measurements, and organic coatings to electrochemical research. The CompactStat.h can be purchased with an internal booster to extend the current and/or voltage range. Its wide frequency range for impedance measurements encompasses solid-state samples as well as more traditional electrochemical systems.

Ultra High Resolution

Industry-leading 24-bit resolution on the measurement of current and voltage

Lightweight and Portable

A truly mobile, USB-powered electrochemical measurement system

Product Overview

The CompactStat.h is a high-resolution, accurate potentiostat/galvanostat tailored to the widest range of electrochemical applications

Application Areas

CompactStat.h’s low current accuracy and precision make it suitable for applications like paints and barrier coatings, sensors, bioelectrochemistry, and corrosion rate testing. Its portability enables measurements in the field as well as in the laboratory.

A Tafel experiment on a corrosion dummy cell showing the point where the voltage passes through the corrosion potential (in this case, 0 V )
Bode plot (magnitude only) showing coating changes after exposure to a salt solution over various days
High speed chronoamperometry step experiment on a corrosion dummy cell, stepping the potential from 0 V to 0.2 V.

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Product Features

Unique Solution

The CompactStat.h potentiostat/fgalvanostat/zra offers a uniique USB-powered solution focussed on low current applications.  Internal boosters can be used to extend the current or voltage ranges. The Wide EIS frequency range allows access to solid state impedance measurements as well as standard electrochemical reaction parameters like charge transfer resistance and double layer capacitance.


The CompactStat.h has a wide applied voltage range of 10 V with a resolution of 20 µV and a measured voltage resolution of 0.05 nV. The span of current measurement goes over 14 decades of current with an ultimate minimum current resolution of 0.5 aA (10-18 A). This is important for producing accurate and precise data especially in situations where small signals are present with large signals.


The CompactStat.h has an industry-leading 24-bit resolution for current and voltage measurements. Combined with premium hardware, this translates into high-accuracy results. Signal acquisition rates are up to 100,000 samples per second. With a bandwidth greater than 3 MHz, fast signal changes (rise times) are standard, allowing for fast pulse response times and fast cyclic voltammetry.

EIS as Standard

Embedded, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is available as standard on every CompactStat.h. The frequency range is 10 µHz to 3 MHz, among the widest available. Samples from solid-state materials to highly resistive, organic barrier coatings can be measured and everything in between.

Data Security

CompactStat.h can be used with a µDataSecure module (purchased separately) that can save up to 1 billion points independently from the computer. This ensures that if there is a communication loss or a computer crash/update, the measurement will continue, and data will not be lost. This provides peace of mind for long-duration, high-throughput testing.

The µDataSecure module also allows for remote access via a Local Area Network (LAN). This allows for multiple researchers to conduct experiments on the same instrument at the same time. A connection can also be made via a USB cable.

Versatility Through Software

IviumSoft software is a fully functioning dedicated electrochemistry software with a comprehensive suite of electrochemical experiments. Additional features include a batch mode for creating an automated series of experiments, Cycliscan for battery testing protocols, and MC mode for multiple parallel experiments. Whether performing R&D or quality control, your needs are covered. You have access to a full suite of standard electrochemical experiments like cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, and pulse techniques.


3 internal boosters are available at the time of purchase to increase the maximum current and/or voltage of the CompactStat.h. The internal boosters are ±30 mA/±100  V, ±250 mA/±20V and ±800 mA/ ±10 V.

The CompactStat.h can be expanded with various options and modules, including a Bipotentiostat, True Linear Scan generator, various power boosters, and multiplexer.

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Potentiostats & Galvanostats

Compactstat Specifications

Current compliance ±30 mA
Maximum compliance voltage ±10 V
Maximum applied voltage ±10 V
Electrode connections 4; WE, CE, RE, S (and GND) with 4mmbanana plugs
Potentiostat bandwidth >3 MHz
Stability settings High Speed, Standard and High Stability
Programmable response filter 1MHz, 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 10Hz
Signal acquisition Dual channel 24bit ADC, 100,000samples/s
Applied potential range +4 V, 0.01 mV res. (20 bit)/±10 V, res. 0.02 mV
Applied potential accuracy 0.2% or 1 mV
Current ranges
Measured current resolution ±1 pA to ±1 A in 14 decades
Measured current accuracy 0.00001% of current range, minimum 0.6 aA
Applied current resolution 10 pA + 0.025% of FSR
Applied current accuracy 0.00013% of applied current range 0.20%
Galvanostatic current ranges 100 pA to ±1 A
Potential ranges ±1 mV, ±4 mV, ±10 mV, ±40 mV,±100 mV, ±400 mV, ±1 V, ±4 V, ±10 V
Measured potential resolution 0.00001% of potential range, minimum 0.05 nV
Measured potential accuracy 0.2% or 1 mV

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