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Portable Potentiostats

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Portable Potentiostats

Ivium’s portable, handheld, USB-powered potentiostats are capable of high-quality, research-grade electrochemical measurements. Their small size and robust, lightweight construction mean they are easily moved from one place to another. Plug them into your laptop computer and you have a portable workstation for field measurements.

Integrated FRA and EIS

Easily transition to impedance measurements for maximum efficiency

Rugged Case

Take everything you need in one neat package for field work

USB Powered

Can be powered off a laptop. No external power source is needed in the field

The pocketSTAT2 is a portable potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA with integrated FRA/EIS, and has the size and weight of a smart phone.

The CompactStat.h a portable yet powerful potentiostat with ±30 mA / ±10 V compliance and an integrated impedance analyzer up to 3 MHz.

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