Potentiostats & Galvanostats


The instrument is designed for a wide range of applications, such as battery/fuel cell testing, electrode development, biotechnology, and other Electrochemical Research applications.

The Ivium-n-Stat offers a complete package. The hardware includes a built-in high-performance Frequency Response Analyser, low current measurement possibility down to 100pA full-scale, and all the standard electrochemical techniques. All measurement and data processing software is included (for Windows-based PCs).

Product Overview
  • Fully modular potentiostat with a wide application range
  • Up to 8 modules/16 channels per frame (stackable up to 64 channels) can be installed
  • Modules can be mix and matched for maximum versatility
  • Multi-channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA
  • Integrated impedance analyzer in each channel as standard: 10µHz – 250kHz (1MHz optional)

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Product Features


The maximum current or potential of the instrument can be defined by the operator. Thus valuable samples may be protected, and unsafe situations prevented.


Multiple analog and digital input & output ports are available for monitoring & control of peripheral equipment. This functionality is fully integrated in the software.


Each channel can be expanded with various options and modules (depending on the compatibility), such as a power booster, multiplexer, etc.

  • Automatic current range selection: 100pA to 10A/1mV to 10V
  • Automatic variable noise filter and potentiostat/galvanostat stability settings
  • Simultaneous acquisition of current/potential and peripheral analog signals
  • Real-time data display up to 500 pnts/s. Acquisition up to 300,000 pnts/s is stored in instrument memory
  • Applicable scan rates: 1µV/s to 10,000V/s
  • Minimum interval time: 3.33µs (0.125µs resolution)
  • Result optimization by automated tuned filters, gain amplifiers and DC-subtraction
  • User-selectable floating operation
Channel Configurations

Single-channel modules:

  • ±2.5A / ±10V (with BiStat optional)
  • ±5A / ±10V    (with BiStat optional)
  • ±10A / ±5V
  • ±2A / ±20V
  • ±20A / ±2V
  • ±1A / ±50V

Dual-channel modules:

  • 2 x ±500mA / ±10V
  • 2 x ±2.5A / ±10V


  • 40A to fit all channel configurations
  • 8 modules/16 channels per frame
  • Stackable up to 64 channels

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