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Battery Cyclers

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Battery Cyclers

IviCycle and OctoStat are your perfect partner for high channel-count battery applications. They offer a low cost-per-channel, high volume testing solution and integral extensive data storage capability. In addition, simultaneous impedance spectroscopy measurements are available on every channel, no multiplexing involved. Intelligent software allows you to build your customized battery cycling profile to investigate the whole range of charge/discharge rates with periodic impedance measurements included. Once your data is collected, powerful analysis software allows you to manipulate your data whichever way you choose.

EIS on Every Channel

FRA/EIS available on each channel for simultaneous testing of multiple batteries

Built-in DataSecure

Data storage independent of your PC that secures up to 1,000,000,000 datapoints

CycliScan Software

Design complicated experiment protocols with full control and customization

Channel Management

Manage each channel individually, not at the chassis level

The OctoStat is designed for applications where multiple cells are operated in parallel for long periods of time, such as battery/fuel cell testing, electrode development, biotechnology, and corrosion.

The IviCycle is designed to be your perfect partner for high channel-count battery applications. The IviCycle offers a low-cost-per-channel, high-volume testing solution and extensive data storage capability.

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