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Confidence in Cleanliness: Automated SEM for Analysis of Manufactured Parts

As specifications get tighter and demand increases on manufactured…

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Tiny Residue, Big Clues: Forensic Science with Automated SEM Analysis

The importance of forensic science in investigative and legal…

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Large-scale SEM Imaging with Automated Image Mapping

Acquiring large-scale images using SEM can result in trade-offs…

Phenom SEM Automation


Many industries rely on SEM and EDS data to improve the quality and reliability of their products. ParticleX software equips the Phenom Desktop SEM to deliver end-to-end data collection and analysis for a variety of applications, without the requirement of a skilled operator. By automating both SEM and EDS data collection and analysis, the size, shape, and elemental composition of thousands of features can be accurately detected and quantified for multiple samples at the push of a button. Several ready-to-use packages are available, or users can create their own workflow using an intuitive user interface.

ParticleX software Offers several industry-specific Packages Designed to automatically acquire large data sets and summarize it in actionable reports.

Enable and maintain TC aligned to automotive industry standards VDA 19 or ISO 16232. 

Ensure quality AM powder feedstock using high-throughput particle detection & analysis. 

Intuitive and reliable monitoring of non-metallic inclusions for steel manufacturing

The fastest and most reliable automated GSR analysis solution. ASTM E1588 compliant .

Powerful in-house solution for structural and chemical analysis of battery materials. 

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