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Multi-Channel Potentiostats & Galvanostats

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Multi Channel Potentiostats

The multi-channel potentiostats/galvanostats from Ivium offer ultimate flexibility with options for mix-and-match modules, a wide current measurement range, integrated Frequency Response Analyzers, and all standard electrochemical techniques pre-loaded in the software. The multi-channel systems also offer automation capabilities with multiple analog and digital input and output ports, which support monitoring and control over peripheral equipment with full integration built into the Ivium software.

Flexible Configurations

Mix and match from a wide range of modules, from low current to high current

Integrated EIS

Integrated electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy available on every channel

Multiplexed Experiments

Start and simultaneously execute all of the experiments

This fully modular instrument is designed for a wide range of applications, such as battery/fuel cell-testing, electrode development, biotechnology and other Electrochemical Research applications.

The OctoStat is designed for applications where multiple cells are operated in parallel for long periods of time, such as battery/fuel cell testing, electrode development, biotechnology, and corrosion.

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