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Phenom Desktop SEM

Eucentric Stage

In many SEM applications, a user can gain more insight into sample properties if the sample can be tilted and rotated. The 6-axis Eucentric Stage for the Phenom XL has been specifically developed with that purpose in mind. The advanced holder contains a sub-stage that allows users to easily and safely look at a sample from all sides. A sample can be lifted, tilted, rotated and shifted without losing sight of the sample detail, while integrated anti-collision algorithms keep both sample and SEM safe. In addition, this holder features a live CAD rendering of the chamber for a visualized navigation.

True Eucentric Movement

The 6-axis stage allows for true eucentric movement of the sample, allowing an area to stay in focus while the sample tilts

Anti Collision Mechanism

Tilt samples up to 90˚ while taking advantage of an integrated anti-collision safety mechanism

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