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Phenom Desktop SEM

Filter Stage Inserts

Filter and membrane samples, which are often used for filter residue analysis, must be mounted firmly and flat into the SEM system for correct analysis. As filters and membranes are often delicate materials, mounting these samples without the use of an insert can lead to folding and damage. The use of traditional, often highly sticky, carbon tape prevents the sample from being re-used for future analysis. By using the filter inserts with the Phenom XL, mounting and replacing filter samples can be done easily.

Keeps Samples Flat

Maintain focus throughout imaging the sample

No Sticky Tape Needed

Reuse samples for further analysis

Sample diameter25 mm47 mm
Sample capacity9 filters or membranes

4 filters or membranes

Extra space for 3×12 mm reference sample

Clamping mechanismWeighted cover plate4 Individual weight rings
Included toolingTorx 10 key for cover plate

4 Messing weight rings & allen key for reference sample

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