Phenom Desktop SEM

Motorized Tilt & Rotate Sample Holder

The Motorized Tilt & Rotate Sample Holder delivers controlled angular tilting and rotation of the sample stage, allowing for imaging of the same area from multiple angles and improved visualization of three-dimensional structures. This feature is particularly useful for observing the surface topography of samples with complex shapes and structures, such as bond pads or materials with irregular surfaces. With this cordless accessory, user can enhance their imaging capabilities, improve their understanding of complex structures, and gain new insights into the behavior of their samples.

Software Integrated Controls

Easily change tilt and rotation without leaving the image acquisition screen

Compucentric Rotation

Working distance and Y position are automatically corrected to keep the feature of interest in the field of view

-10° to 45° Tilt

This range of tilt can help with the inspection of coatings, cross sections, etched surfaces, bond pads, and much more

360° Rotation

The stage provides full rotations in step sizes of 0.2 to ensure a high degree precision in sample position

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Tilt & Rotate Sample Holder

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